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Election Results

9 September 2019: At this evening’s election for two vacancies on the KCSA Board of Directors, the winning candidates were Andrew Lloyd-Williams and Ron Lynde. Congratulations to the winners!

A total of 2,735 votes were cast by the 2,349 eligible Class ‘A’ voters and 1,806 eligible Class ‘B’ voters, each having up to two votes — one for each vacancy on the Board. So, with 4,155 voters each having 2 votes, a maximum of 8,310 votes could have been cast — meaning that the turnout for this election was 32.9%:
(It should be noted that the number of eligible voters represents a 1% drop in Class ‘A’ voters, and a 16% drop in class ‘B’ voters from 2018)

Meet The Candidates 2019

15 August 2019: All five of the candidates for the upcoming KCSA Board of Directors election spoke at the Meet the Candidates night this evening to KCSA members in front of an audience of about 60 KCSA members.
Each of the candidates gave an opening statement for up to 5 minutes, followed by answers to nine questions posed by members of the audience and read out by moderator, Ed Connors, for up to 2 minutes each, and ending with a closing statement for up to 1 minute.