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New KCSA Officers

27 September 2018: The KCSA Board voted this afternoon to appoint a new slate of Officers. There were two nominations for the position of President: Ron Lynde and John Hilker. As in 2017, all four elected Directors voted for Ron Lynde as President, while all five appointed Directors voted for John Hilker as President. The other three Officers were elected unanimously:

John Hilker
John Hudson
Ron Lynde
Andrew Lloyd-Williams


Election Results

10 September 2018: At this evening’s election for two vacancies on the KCSA Board of Directors, the winning candidates were David Hartt and John Hudson. Congratulations to the winners!

A total of 1,775 votes were cast by the 2,366 eligible Class ‘A’ voters and 2,142 eligible Class ‘B’ voters, each having up to two votes — one for each vacancy on the Board. So, with 4,508 voters each having 2 votes, a maximum of 9,016 votes could have been cast — meaning that the turnout for this election was 19.7%:

The Candidates Speak

16 August 2018: All three of the candidates for the upcoming KCSA Board of Directors election spoke at the Meet the Candidates night this evening to KCSA members in front of an audience of about 40 KCSA members.
Each of the candidates gave an opening statement for up to 5 minutes, followed by answers to eight questions posed by members of the audience and read out by moderator, Ed Connors, for up to 2 minutes each, and ending with a closing statement for up to 3 minutes.

Southall Tennis Courts Renovated

The renovation of the Southall Road tennis courts is now complete and the courts are ready for play again.
At the December 2017 KCSA Board meeting, the Board of Directors had approved a contract with Rennolds Tennis Court Construction, Inc in the amount of $101,275 to complete the tennis court renovations.

Meet The Candidates

Three candidates have submitted petitions for the September 10, 2018 election for the KCSA Board of Directors. They are, in alphabetical order:

  • Cindy Green
  • David Hartt
  • John Hudson

You can read the biographies that each candidate has submitted by clicking here.

At the September 10 election, all homeowners will be able to cast “Class A” votes for any one or two candidates. Similarly, all “occupants” will be able to cast “Class B” votes for any one or two candidates. (An “occupant” being a homeowner who “occupies” his own home, or a renter with an initial lease period of at least twelve months).

Most residents both own and occupy their home so will be able to cast both “Class A” and “Class B” votes. In that case, they can cast their “Class A” and “Class B” votes for the same candidate(s) or, if they choose, can vote their “Class A” votes for one or two candidates and their “Class B” votes for different candidate(s).

If you will be unable to attend the election, which will be held at 7:00pm on September 10 at the Mounts Bay Recreation Center, or if you prefer not to attend, you can vote by proxy — by just returning the proxy forms that you should receive in the mail on or around August 1. The proxy forms will each have the letter A for the “Class A” votes or the letter B for the “Class B” votes in the top right corner. You only need to mark each form with your selected vote or votes (not more than two on each form) and have each owner sign and date the forms.

You do not need to enter anything where it says “[IF YOU DO NOT WISH CAROLINE LAUR TO VOTE YOUR PROXY, WRITE IN NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE KCSA MEMBER WHO WILL BE PRESENT AT THE MEETING AND TO WHOM YOU ARE GIVING THE PROXY]” unless you want to appoint another KCSA Member, a friend or a neighbor in good standing, as your Proxy.

But please note the sentence lower down on the proxy forms: “If no boxes are marked such that this proxy is left uninstructed, the Proxy may cast the votes in his or her discretion”. If many Members return their proxy forms without marking any boxes and without appointing another KCSA Member to be their Proxy, the default Proxy could be empowered to cast enough votes to change the outcome of the election!

Return the completed forms to KCSA in the envelope provided or hand them in to the KCSA office. If you think you should have received the proxy forms but did not, please call the KCSA Office at (757) 645-3454.

If you would like to know more about the candidates, please join us for the “Meet the Candidates Evening” on Thursday August 16, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Mounts Bay Recreation Center.

Latest on The Country Road

The promised “plan is to restore this area to pre-land disturbing conditions” required by the Board of Supervisors resolution authorizing the work has still not been met and the Country Road remains all but impassable in places.
Click here for a more detailed report from November 2017, or watch the videos to the right.

Or go to the Photos page to see how the Country Road looked in 2014, before the HRSD work started.
Photos below from September 2014, showing “pre-land disturbing condition”.

And this animation shows the changes from November 2015 to November 2016 (we hope to be able to add 2017 soon):